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Within the Range of Transition (V dosegu prehoda)

16. 06.–30. 09. 2012
Stefan Rummel (Berlin)
permanent sound installation
Passageway between Glavni trg and Rotovški trg
Curator  Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin)
Opening 15. 06. 2012, 17:00

Stefan Rummel  + Carsten Seiffarth talking to Miha Horvat (Maribor)
Centralna postaja, Koroška cesta 5
16. 6. 2012, 18:00

The sound installation by Stefan Rummel in the historical centre of Maribor is a sight-specific intervention inside of the passageway between Glavni trg and Rotovški trg. Here, the Berlin-based artist will build a walk through the tunnel made of shattering panels and formerly recorded and manipulated sounds from the city. The installation is a passageway in a passageway, a space in space, time in time. Trough building of cubical gates, going one into the other, the historical volt of the tunnel is mostly concealed. But in the narrow opened junctures between the in size changing cubical forms, sounds break through. The space of the concealed volt and traces of city life can be also perceived. In his temporary intervention, Stefan Rummel transforms and interposes the past, the present and the future at the same time.