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Archaeology of an Era – Socialist Modernism (Arheologija dobe – socialistični modernizem)

01. 09.–30. 09. 2012
Roman Bezjak (Hamburg)

Photo exhibition
Fotografski muzej Maribor, Koroška cesta 19
Opening 31. 08. 2012, 18:00

Talk with  Roman Bezjak & Till Briegleb (Hamburg)
01. 09. 2012, 16:00

Since 2004, Roman Bezjak continuously travelled through East- and Southeast Europe and also through the eastern part of Germany, constantly seeking buildings, which could count as examples of the architectural era of the socialistic modernism. He gained support in the form of scholarships from the Collecting Society Bild-Kunst and the Robert-Bosch Foundation. Bezjaks efforts result in an extensive photo collection, providing a sort of archaeology for this modern era. Unpretentious, but yet disciplined, he took photos of residential buildings, hotels, cultural venues and similar buildings with a specific function in the public sphere. Looking at his work, a transcendental, utopian vocabulary of forms and shapes comes to notice, implying an architectural monotony of that time. Bezjaks photographs reveal the visible wearing off of the utopian and its placement in the everyday life of the present time. (Inka Schube) Roman Bezjak, born 1962 in Ptuj, Slovenia, will extend his photo collection with an additional shot, taken in Maribor.