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The Turntable Titans

Ignaz Schick (Berlin), Martin Tétreault (Montreal) & Joke Lanz (Berlin/Bern)

Dvorana Gustaf – Pekarna magdalenske mreže, Ob železnici 8
1. 09. 2012, 21:00

Ignaz Schick, Joke Lanz and Martin Tétreault, internationally recognized and genre defining experimental turntablists will meet for the first time as a trio and will, apart from their group set, perform in diverse duo combinations. They originate from two different generations, cultural and geographical backgrounds. Still, all of them had great impact on the development of a specific style in the sphere of turntablism, which can be perceived as their common point. Martin Tétreault originates from the field of fine arts, where he gained recognition and is also known for his role in the development of the prepared magnetic cartridge. Joke Lanz is still playing “regularly” vinyl records, but subjecting them to radical and virtuosic cut-ups, mix and cut techniques. He is also one of the pioneers of noise turntablism and of abstract power collages. Ignaz Schick renounces vinyl and plays exclusively with different objects on his turntables. His „Objets Trouvées“ generate diverse sounds, which are later on electrically amplified. Schick describes his development as an attempt to find such a language, where the structure is held in the foreground. Schick mostly deals with the question what is composition. But still, he managed to find his sound language through the used materials. Through the physis of the sound and place, as well as the harsh noise and electronic sound.