Petra Kapš is an independent author, working as a writer, researcher, performer, curator and producer. Her studies of Slovenian language, old languages, theology, philosophy, aesthetics and specific art phenomena are interlinked with researches of different aspects of media, word, image and sound. Currently, she is preparing her PhD on significant shifts between oracular, oral and rhetorical practices in ancient Greece with possible effects on the latter in artistic practices in western context. She writes extensively for newspapers, magazines, books. OR reflection is her authorial e-mail media channel. Recent projects conceptualized and realized with artists include: OR – changes of art; Being poetic in correspondence with an oracle (2010); and Art of Imagining (2012). She researches “textual fragments” through “aleatory leaf novels”, performative readings (Secret listening to Eurydice), writings and lectures. She describes her practice with a “poetic archeology of words”. As a performative writer in-situ she deals with the act of writing in public space. 

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