Ana Pečar is a video artist and researcher of new approaches on the field of intermedia art. She has studied on Corcoran School of art, Washington, D.C. and University of Pedagogy, Maribor, Slovenia. With her distinctly articulated video language, Pečar creates audio visual installations that immerse the viewer in a calm but disorienting sensory experience. She strives to rehabilitate metaphysical and spiritual concepts, rescuing them from New Age trivialization and commercialization. Her work is filled with images that can bewitch viewers in an atmosphere that can not be intellectually deciphered, but can only be intuitively perceived. Cryptic landscapes are structured as rebuses and labyrinths; delicate pagan rituals are interrupted by elements of civilization; and nature plays the role of an autonomous character. Pečar’s installations are marked by perpetual transformation, generating a tension that is never resolved. These often decelerated media landscapes are simultaneously new and remote, conjuring a world of difference and extravagance.


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