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T.I.T.O. of the Youth The International Turntable Orchestra OF THE YOUTH (Mednarodni orkester gramofonov)

Ignaz Schick (Berlin), Martin Tétreault (Montreal) & Joke Lanz (Berlin/Bern)

& 15 young participants
Concept: Ignaz Schick
II. Gimnazija Maribor, Trg Miloša Zidanška 1
25. 08.–30. 08. 2012, 10:00–12:00 &14:00–18:00

31. 08. 2012, 19:30

Ignaz Schick, turntable artist, sound improviser and composer, Martin Tétreault, the internationally recognized DJ and improviser, and Joke Lanz, a musician and performer, balancing on the edge between noise, improvisation and electronics, joined forces  developed a workshop, focusing on the variegated history of “experimental turntablism” together with its diverse techniques and approaches. All the different techniques, which lay behind those musical approaches, will be presented, firstly through a short introduction into the history of turntablism and with a presentation of the diverse styles there are: musique concrete, fluxus, plunderphonics, noise, onkyo, etc. The young participants attending will be guided with the goal to develop a musical language of their own and therefore will be introduced to certain rules, regarding communication within an ensemble. The participants will also learn the compositional techniques. Musical direction, based on gestures, signs or graphical and thematic scores, is only one of the usages shown. The main idea of the workshop is not to transform the attendants into perfect turntablists, much more the chance to explore the sheer endless possibilities of this simple, yet complex technique and to try out different sound languages.